Britney Mashup: Oops I Did It Again Vs Baby One More Time

Britney CoversSome friends of mine told me that they heard an awesome remix by a DJ in Bali, where he mashed together Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again against Baby One More Time, and that they weirdly worked together, and even harmonised.

So I set about creating the same, and to my surprise discovered that once I had pitch shifted them to correct for the 1 tone difference in keys, and then beat matched them so as they were the same tempo, the two songs are identical in terms of structure and length (with only a nudge in the middle of the ‘breakdown’ section to resolve them back in sync. I then created a YouTube video of the two, panning the two songs to the hard left and right of the stereo field.

Now it’s probably no surprise for people to learn that Britney Spears’ songs sound similar. However, the fact that they are basically the same exact song, even down to the way the beat kicks back in in the second bar after the bridge/breakdown is a pretty glaring indictment of the cynical production line that is contemporary chart pop music.

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