I Know There’s An Answer Vs Hang On To Your Ego

Pet Sounds CoverI’ve been listening to Pet Sounds recently. On the remastered re-release from 2003, there is an added track called “Hang On To Your Ego”, which is actually the original recording of what would become I Know There’s An Answer. Curious as to how the two compared, I created this track, by speed correcting the tracks and running them side by side hard panned left and right in the stereo field.


Britney Mashup: Oops I Did It Again Vs Baby One More Time

Britney CoversSome friends of mine told me that they heard an awesome remix by a DJ in Bali, where he mashed together Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again against Baby One More Time, and that they weirdly worked together, and even harmonised. (more…)