The Baraka Trailer Matchframe Project

Baraka Trailer TitleOn the recently released BluRay disc of Samsara, one of the special features is the original theatrical trailer for Samsara’s precursor: Baraka. However, this trailer is a horrible old transfer from what looks like a dupe of a dupe print, with grimy inky blacks, plenty of print damage, and the sides cut off to render it in 16:9 resolution.

This is hardly a fitting tribute for a film whose recent 8k restoration as been singled out by many as the best BluRay available. For whatever reason, the filmmakers didn’t re cut the trailer with their glorious new master of the footage. As it stands, it doesn’t offer any hint of the film’s visual spledor.

There was only one solution – I had to sit down and do the matchframe edit myself, as a free bit of post production gift to the filmmakers of a film that has probably had more of an effect on my life than any other.

It turned out to only take about 4 hours of editing time, not including the various stages that were required to produce an HD Pro Res Quicktime of the entire movie, suitable for editing. As expected, my repeated viewings of the film paid off, as there were only 2 or 3 shots out of the 70+ in the trailer that I couldn’t locate immediately. Helps when you’ve watched a film hundreds of times.

For those interested, I used an old trick to make matching up the exact frames easier – I put the crappy original transfer of the trailer on a layer above the edit, and set its layer style to “Difference”, so I could then scrub through the shot, and very easily see when it ‘clicked’ into the correct frame.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.37.01 AM

The result is a perfect frame by frame re-edit of the original trailer.


To further sweeten the deal, the EDL of the edit is available for download here, so the filmmakers can reconform the trailer from their 8K master.

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